• Gamblin Gesso
  • Golden Gesso
  • Liquitex Gesso
  • Speedball
    Speedball Gesso: Professional quality, requires one coat to properly prepare surfaces, Works well with acrylic and oil paints, May be tinted with Speedball Acrylics, May be applied with brush, roller or squeegee.
  • Fredrix Size & Ground
  • Gamblin Oil Painting...
  • Economy Gesso
  • Rheotech Gesso
    Gesso prepares surfaces for painting and other applications. Priming a surface with gesso is highly recommended for all surfaces. It prevents paint from being absorbed into the surface, therefore reducing the amount of paint consumed. Rheotech’s Acrylic Gesso is made with 100% acrylic and contains calcium carbonate for the best strength, adhesion, coverage and flexibility. It creates a slightly porous ground, suitable for both acrylic and oil paints. Rheotech Gesso dries to a matte, white, opaque finish with a slight tooth that can be sanded to provide a smoother surface. It has excellent adhesion to surfaces and will not lift, crack or chip from the surface. Rheotech Gesso is truly white for a highly reflective ground which will enhance colours. For creating custom reflective coloured grounds, Rheotech Gesso can be tinted with Rheotech Acrylic Colours.

Gessos & Grounds