• Alumicolor Pocket Scales
      Alumicolor Packet Scales are a smaller version of the 12" professional solid scale. The pen size, light weight design provides professionals and students with a scale that can be taken anywhere. Architect, Engineering and Combination versions are also available with clip.
  • Alumicolor Scales
      Alumicolor scales are made from extruded aluminum with photo anodized calibrations that resist wear or being removed with solvents. Hollow Scales are light weight for easy portability. Solid Scales have an executive weight and feel.
  • Alumicolor...
      Alumicolor Select-a-Scales are an ultra convenient and functional drafting tool that allows architects and engineers to select multiple scales all in one product. The unique design incorporates a sculptured arch on the bottom for ease of movement. A rotating rod on the top displays one of six available scales while the solid aluminum base has fixed scales on the front as well as a raised inking edge.