• Winsor & Newton Charcoal
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  • Wolff's Carbon Pencils
  • Prang Charcoal Pencils
  • Grumbacher Charcoal
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  • Derwent Natural...
    Working with a chunky block of solid graphite is hugely satisfying, encouraging you to create quick, dramatic sketches and atmospheric line drawings. Natural Graphite has a slightly dusty quality, so it blends very easily. As a block, Natural Graphite has impressive covering power and can be used on its side for a solid sweep of tone. It comes in three versatile grades, soft, medium and hard.
  • Derwent Compressed...
    Compressed Charcoal is a solid square block of pure, reformed wood charcoal and it produces deep, dense tones with a completely different texture from graphite. It can be used on its edge for broad sweeping strokes or on the end for fine lines.
  • Derwent Charcoal Pencils
    If you are looking for the traditional effect of charcoal with a little more control and a little less mess, then choose a Charcoal Pencil. Charcoal particles are mixed with the finest clays and encased in wood to produce a rich, smoothly textured pencil with all the beauty and character of traditional charcoal in a convenient, easy to use form. Available in light, medium and dark.
  • LyraGraphite Sticks
    Large, hexagonal graphite stick. Available in three degrees, 2B, 4B, 6B
  • Graphite and Charcoal...
    Extra large charcoal/graphite sticks

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