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    Rembrandt Oil is the choice of professionals because it is a name that stands for premium quality and reliable oil paint This is because only the finest raw materials and the most advanced production methods are used for each and every line of Rembrandt art supplies. The Rembrandt Oil color range includes 120 paint colors with an even balance across the color spectrum and a good assortment of opaque and transparent colors throughout the line. Rembrandt Oil paints. also includes a large number of specialty items that are not available with other artist oil paint lines such as: pearl white, real cadmium and cobalt colors, ultramarine green and extremely lightfast permanent yellows and reds. Artists also choose Rembrandt because of its exclusive combination of features like the unmatched brilliance, maximum color durability and the highest degree of Lightfastness. Don’t miss out on what so many artists have come to rely upon for years.
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    Please note Stevenson's paint company is no longer producing paint. Please call or email for available stock before placing orders.

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    World renowned Old Holland Classic Oil Colour has been producting artists colour since 1664. Traditional 17th Century methods are still used in their paint production. Only the best pigments and binders are used to produce paints which are very concentrated and light-fast. The end results gives high colour strength, covering power and great intensity. Available in 168 colours in 40ml. Old Holland series list ranges from A, B, C, D, E & F.