• Alumicolor Rulers
    Alumicolor™ AlumiCutters™ and Steel Edge AlumiCutter™ measure and then use the cutting edge without changing tools. AlumiCutter's™ raised edge and finger groove protect fingers while cutting. Use the colorful AlumiCutter™ with a hobby knife or use the Steel Edge AlumiCutter™ with a rotary blade for safe cutting! The neoprene recessed non-slip backing keeps the AlumiCutter™ positioned with just a light touch. Made from extruded aluminum with markings done using Alumicolor's™ photo anodizing process is also an ideal raised inking edge.
  • Metal Cork-back (non...
    Ruler features a corked back to prevent damage and resist slipping, hole in one end for easy hanging, a stainless steel construction for a rust proof long life and inches along one edge (to the 1/32) with metric along the other (to the mm). Used for drafting and creating true and straight lines.
  • Staedtler Rulers

Non-Slip Rulers