• Preiser Architectural...
      Other models and figures are available through special order. Call to inquire.
  • Architectural Human...
  • Architectural Cars
  • Architectural Landscape
    Foliage - Gravel - Trees
  • Ballast & Turf
  • Acrylic Rods & PET G...
    There are extra shipping charges for these items due to their weight and size. Please call the store at 416 348 0793 for shipping information before placing a order for these items. 
  • Colored PVC
  • Wood - Balsa & Bass &...
    Additional shipping cost for Balsa and Bass woods due to size, length and weight. Please call in for shipping details before placing orders. 416 348-0793
  • Styrene Strips & Shapes
  • Tools
  • Cork
  • Cellfoam 88
    Cellfoam 88 is an extruded closed-cell polystyrene foam material that is perfect for many types of projects, including memory books, cards, kids' projects, model dioramas, architectural projects, and scenic applications!Cellfoam's outer skin is tougher than most other foam sheet products. It possesses a consistent, smooth, flat surface and is easy to cut and shape. Cellfoam does not absorb water, is acid free, and accepts a wide variety of paints and adhesives

Model Making Supplies